Our Mission

Deliver quality services, and tooling for game developers. So they can concentrate on the important aspects.

Deliver highly available APIs

Open source GPL v3

Community Driven

What we offer


Creating projects, training, and services for game developers.


Monitor game events real-time. Get the insight you need and see what your games can teach you after they are out in the wild.


Detail logs reported by the game with game context for detail information. With this service you can be proactive with fixes, or tackle a problem before it gets reported.

Screen Capture

We make screen capture and video recording easier. Use it for monitoring or as an extra social sharing tool.


Fork the SDK or simply take a look at the source.

Feedback System

We encourage feedback so we can get to those really exciting features we are missing; sooner.


Check out the starter kits, or contact us so we can add one for the missing platform.


Who We Are

Meet the team: humble, small, and hard-working.

Felipe Ramos
Co-Founder & CTO

Software engineer with 12 years of experience developing business solutions. About the same amount of time writing training, and indie games.

Primavera Flores
Co-Founder & CFO

Operational wizard and financial strategist. With a background in project management Primavera makes sure the lights stay on!


Animation wizard and digital artist. Occasionally creates art for the website, but 90% of the time is allocated to creating game art for internal projects.