The Heartbeat of Your Game

With the game analytics service you can track events, monitor milestones, and use many of the reporting tools to better balance gameplay.

Community Driven

Your input matters. Suggestions and feedback determine our roadmap.

Off-Line Support

The SDK comes with off-line support to cut down on network calls and roundtrip during early development.


With many layers of security you can be sure your data is protected.


Flexible code-base to meet all your game development needs. Can't find what you need? Let us know.


Make sure to check out the starting kits and documentation for detail examples and best practices.

Open Source

Want to vet our code-base, take a look at our github repo.


Latest News

Latest News

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find your question here, use the contact page to send it our way.

What differentiate the services from other services?

Community feedback. We understand every game in the market or in development has a unique set of requirements.

How fast can we expect updates?

Our continues integration is set to release on commits. We will follow that pattern until we get to release 1.0.0, and after a stable release default back to a weekly schedule.

What can you tell us about the team?

My name is Felipe and I am the architect and CTO at the moment with two part-time developers, and two freelance artist.

Are the services free?

Yes. Our goal is to keep the services free, and also provide a flexible licensing solution.

How are you funding this project?

Currently, we are absorbing operational and development cost (approx: $150 a month). The platform is completely developed in Core which extends the flexibility of moving to Linux servers.

Can we help?

With the limited resources we have a huge backlog of chances including SDKs for python, Unity, and other platforms. If you are an artist and want dontate your time also appreciated!

Do you accept donations?

Donations are another way you can help us move faster. We are considering platforms like Patreon, but are not there yet. For our internal funding links see funding page.

Why Monogame?

Services support or at the very least can be implemented in any language, engine, or framework. We respect the team at MonoGame and support the framework since it is a continuation of XNA.